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Profession Specific Consulting | Gym Owners

Dev Batra | CEO & Co-Founder at Lyxel&Flamingo | IIM-L Graduate | 20 Years of Experience in Brand Building & Digital Media

Dev Batra is a visionary business leader with a profound understanding of various facets within the realm of Digital Marketing. His expertise spans across diverse verticals such as Social Media, Copywriting, Ecommerce strategies, Online Reputation Management (ORM), as well as cutting-edge fields like 3D & CGI and Tech Products encompassing both Hardware and Software. His comprehensive knowledge empowers him to navigate and innovate within the ever-evolving landscape of digital business with remarkable proficiency.


This consultation is customized for your specific needs, and we are happy to address any questions tailored to your unique requirements. Some example topics you may wish to discuss include:                                                   

  1. General Business Consulting 

  2. Growth-Related Inquiries

  3. Marketing Automation

  4. Identifying your Market Mix

  5. Choosing the Right Platform for Adoption

Unlock the potential of Digital Media with our comprehensive consultation tailored to your needs.

Incoming call from our onboarding team, post payment

The team personnel shall call to inquire about your problem in detail.

Step 1

Receiving a confirmation email from us

Post the discussion over call, you shall receieve a confirmation email from us.

Step 2

We meet over Zoom Video

An e-meet between you and our team to discuss and provide resolution(s) to your problems.

Step 3

Emailing a copy of our discussion

After the consultation, you shall receieve an email summarising our conversation and reiterating the solution(s) provided to you.

Step 4

Book A Consultation Now!

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